October Event Calendar for Temple Contemporary

2 color sikscreen design by Steve Powers.

19"x12". Edition of 550. Printer, Collaborating and Editioning: David Love. 2016

Detail of October Event Calendar by Steve Powers for Temple Contemporary. 2016.

Ocotillo: an exhibition curated by Jonathan DeDecker

2 color silkscreen poster design by Qiaoyi Shi.

17"x11". Edition of 40. Printer: David Love. 2016

On Hold Dance Party by Nina Katchadourian at Temple Contemporary

4 color silkscreen poster design by Kees Holterman.

17"x11" Edition of 35. Printer: David Love. 2017

Vanessa German at Temple Contemporary

3 color silkcsreen poster. 19"x12" Edition of 30.

Designed and Printed by David Love. 2017